Elevate your career to new heights.

Achieve a salary leap: $20K, $50K & beyond.

We're here to guide you to the peak of your career-without compromising the things you love.

Earning more is within your reach...

But it requires bold, new strategies.

If you're a dedicated professional, already excelling in your PMP role, and hungry for that next salary milestone, then scaling your income significantly is not just a dream—it's your next step. Whether you're aiming for an additional $20K, $30K, $40K, $50K or more, we'll show you how it's not just achievable; it's a journey we'll embark on together.

The Transformation Requires Innovation.

The tactics that clinched your current position aren't the ones that will catapult you to the top. It's about evolving beyond the conventional, thinking like a visionary, and embracing strategies that break the mold.

The MASTERMIND Advantage.

More than just career coaching, this is your blueprint to a higher salary, complete with strategic planning, peer accountability, and the kind of networking that opens doors to unparalleled opportunities.


We provide the framework, the community, and the support to transition from high performer to high earner.

We're the trailblazers in career elevation, dedicated to helping professionals like you secure the salary you deserve. With over a decade of proven success, our methods are tried, tested, and triumphant.

Founded by Tamara McLemore, the “Accidental Project Manager”, this MASTERMIND is for the ambitious, the driven, and those ready to embrace their full potential for more—more income, more security, more fulfillment.

Expand your network, refine your skills, and amplify your value. You’ll find yourself with a significant salary increase, achieved through strategic advancement rather than endless grind.

Is this you?

Deep down you know you are undervaluing your expertise. But simply having experience isn't enough to! You need the Tools and Coaching to get The Raise, The Promotion, The Leadership Position. I'll show you how.

What's Included

Two Group Coaching sessions a month with Tamara McLemore Mastermind clients

(1) 45 min. session a month and
15 min. spot coaching

- Resume Assistance
- LinkedIn Profile Optimization
- Salary Expectations
- Interviewing Techniques
- Strategies for Raises and Promotions


PMI Agile Certified Practitioner

1-Week Intensive

Incorporating Agile Certification into your professional development plan not only enhances your skill set but also positions you as a valuable asset in any team or organization. It signifies a commitment to excellence, adaptability, and continuous improvement—qualities that are highly prized in today's dynamic work environments (value: $1,500)

Atlanta, GA

Quarterly Meetups

Quarterly mastermind meetups that we're securing for you that include networking, education, and access to Tamara's network, along with referrals and connections. Included in the quarterly meetup is 1.5 days filled with delicious food and a rejuvenating retreat experience. Please note, attendees will be responsible for their hotel accommodations.

Expected Results

$5,000 VALUE

$ 2,500
  • March $1,000 $500
  • April $1,000
  • May $1,000

Introductory Offer!

50% off Your First Month
Only The FIRST Mastermind Cohort!

Duration: 3 months

  • Session Dates: Twice a month on Wednesdays
    • March: 19th & 20th
    • April: 10th & 24th
    • May: 1st & 22nd

Time: 6pm – 7:30pm ET

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